North Carolina Republicans want to deny care to transgender youth

Jesus Christ, that’s up for discussion today in the Texas Senate. Thankfully not a law yet, but who knows what’s possible?

Wonder what to do if something like this becomes law in NC. Evacuate family to a Blue State? To a non-shithole country? Take up arms?

That’s the thing, NO ONE should be forced to flee to ensure the safety of their children. This is some third world shit right here. And if it can happen to families with trans children, it can happen to any family who sufficiently stray from what’s considered “normal” depending on the “morals” of the larger community. The way to deal with it is the same way that we did with civil rights - from the Federal government down. If the rights of trans people are enshrined in federal law, it’s much harder for states to pass discriminatory laws like this. No one’s rights should be up for a vote. It’s about as anti-humanist stance as you can get.


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