Fast-tracked South Dakota bill will felonize doctors who offer gender-confirmation therapy to trans kids

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And being a transgender person, this is why I won’t live or work in North Dakota.


The fuck up thing is that you should not have to make such choices. You should be able to live anywhere in this damn country that YOU want to and not have to worry about this kind of discrimination… Our federal government has failed to protect your rights here (and the rights of transkids in ND).


Gender confirmation therapy? WTF! I first read "gender confirmation surgery, which is exceedingly rare in minors. No big deal, said I, some right wing crank scoring meaningless points. But therapy? I shall guess that this certainly includes hormone blockers and therapies. Counselling? Hell, just using appropriate pronouns could fall under that banner. They are condemning trans youth to depression, anxiety and suicide (like those aren’t high enough risks anyway) because, what, they are yucky? Damn them to the lowest hell. Fuck them with a rabid weasel. Or just evict every damned Republican and leave them to stew in their hatred unattended, unknown and unmourned.


You should be able to live anywhere in this damn country that YOU want to and not have to worry about this kind of discrimination…

One of my daughter’s friends is going through this right now, age 14. She so lucky (a) to live in Mississauga, Ontario where any noise about discrimination is quickly stomped on by a school system that actively preaches diversity as the norm and (b) have friends who haven’t known nor shall ever know anything different.

As a reformed former (edit: borderline-) asshole on the subject, I’m proud to be part of this happier new world. Thinking back, I’ll give myself some credit… :thinking:


Why of course. They are “Pro-Life*”!

*Disclaimer: words may mean direct opposite of reality.


Won’t somebody think of the children.

Like seriously. Shit like this makes me furious. What harm will come to the kids or society by allowing them to transition. It was the best decision I made, and I could have made it fifteen years sooner and been just as happy or even more happy about it. It’s not like any of these kids are getting treatment on a whim! Most of us figure it out when we figure it out, and the sooner we do something about it, the less misery we have to live in.

The only part about transitioning that sucks is assholes like these.


There is nothing wrong with the kids. Its the social construct of gender that is broken. When they double down on it, it doesnt get better, it gets worse.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure I read a news blurb somewhere that actually said, mistakenly, that it was surgery, not therapy that was being banned, so I had the same reaction. Fuck


I agree. I feel like my wife and I have so few options on where to live because we are both transgender. It’s big for us. We both have careers that could put us well paid in cheaper areas of the country, but being transgender really makes that impossible now that we are the latest political rallying point.


Make Washington, DC the 50th state. Why do we need both a North and a South Dakota? Either combine them or give North Dakota to Canada.

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How much do you want to bet the sponsors of this bill would also support a bill allowing parents to refuse to vaccine their children on religious grounds, because “muh freedum”?


There’s nothing wrong with these children- they’re transgender and there’s nothing wrong with being transgender.

The evidence shows that trans kids who are affirmed in their knowledge of who they are have no different outcome than non trans kids. When people try to change them to be non trans they have a plethora of problems that effect the lifespan.

People who try to deny this are child abusers.


No thank you please very much. What did we ever do to deserve that?

I’ve been there, despite the proximity & climate, N Dakota is about the least Canadian state the US has.


Conservatives do not belong to a political party.

They belong to an outdated and utterly inhumane cabal of insultingly outdated worldviews based entirely on superstition fear and outright lies.

There is nothing decent about people who want to deny anyone Healthcare, for any reason.

I desperately hate these people intensely


Where exactly ARE all these kids who conservatives claim were traumatized by doctors and therapists feeding them dangerous and confusing ideas about their gender identities?

Surely if this kind of therapy is a crime it must have victims, right? Why aren’t the “formerly transgender but later realized they were tricked into feeling that way by quack doctors” crowd the ones lobbying to get this law on the books?


Because it’s not the “formerly” transkids who are upset with being “coerced” into believing they are trans… it’s their shit head authoritarian parents.


This is what they want to criminalize. Sure, there could be more at play as kids get older. But words and clothing are what will be made criminal if this goes through… words and clothing that the child chooses his/her/themselves. That’s how pissing ridiculous this is.


I used to know a couple of people who detransitioned, it was purely a decision that it wasn’t right for them and they recognised that it worked for their friends who they remained friendly with. We were supportive of their decision, as the point is for people to feel happy regardless of whether they are trans or cis. All that happened was they stopped taking hormones and blockers, and changed how they dressed.

This was about 15 years ago though, before detransition was weaponised by transphobes. They are not interested in our wellbeing, just on forcing an authoritarian ideology on us.


What’s really sad is that this is not the thing that we all say regarding these sorts of issues. None of us are perfect, born knowing exactly who we are. Instead, we are constantly coming to the truth of who we are through our entire lives, sometimes with consequences. Why is this not allowed with regards to transkids?