Fast-tracked South Dakota bill will felonize doctors who offer gender-confirmation therapy to trans kids

Research shows that transgender youth whose families affirm their gender identity have a 52 percent decrease in suicidal thoughts, a 48 percent decrease in suicide attempts and significant increases in self-esteem and general health.

Since a someone (I’d rather not disclose the relationship, autistic FTM) I know started suffering from gender dysphoria I’ve read all the peer-reviewed papers on the subject I can find and this is not well established. There are no medical trials to support this either way.

If I’m right, it’s a single piece of research to support these figures looked at vulnerable youths e.g. something like homeless or a drug problem. It’s questionable how broadly these numbers apply to the full population.

This is the dutch protocol, this has a special meaning: puberty blockers followed by hormone therapy. The singular US treatment is gender confirmation. For example, the UK GP position does not support this approach.

In theory, this is to buy time for the dysphoric child so that they can be sure they are trans.

In practice, this is harmful to their brain development. The research that supports that is from oncology and therefore you can question its relevance, but there has not been any effective trials otherwise.

There are no studies that support this opinion. Indeed the studies show that kids benefit- and that trans adults have more difficulties because they had to go through puberty- had a harder time fitting in and had to have much more involved and much more expensive medical treatment because they went through puberty in the fashion people would like to force them to do so.

I speak from lived experience- not from knowing someone who knows someone.


Research on the long term effects on brain development is limited, but a 2015 study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology observed the executive functioning in 20 transgender youth treated with puberty blockers compared to untreated youth with gender dysphoria and found that there was no difference in performance.[16][17][18][5]


Yes, there is, I don’t have all my references to hand but there are even GD case studies. However, there are no clinical trials. For example, “Brain Maturation, Cognition and Voice Pattern in a Gender Dysphoria Case under Pubertal Suppression”.

I make no claims about the conclusiveness of any of this; it caused a drop in memory. I did not cite this because it is not really possible to draw wider conclusions.

Also your “not from knowing someone who knows someone” sounds awfully lot like a snipe.

That is certainly not outside of the realm of possability.

“We performed a longitudinal evaluation of a pubertal transgender girl undergoing hormonal treatment with GnRH analog”

Your cited study of is of one trans girl - this is a one subject study. Of a girl who “to the patient’s baseline low average cognitive performance” had a low cognitive level to begin with. And you note her low cognitive performance at the end of the study to have some meaning?

This speaks to me of entering the conversation with a desired outcome.


No, just no. This is a theory pushed on some fronts that there are all these deaths and adverse outcomes associated with hormone blockers. Well, there are, but they are due to the fact that these drugs are used in cancer therapy, which has a rather more grim outlook. Trying to generalize from “people who have cancer and take these drugs may do badly” to “these drugs are harmful” is not a viable jump.


Just keep in mind South Dakota is on meth and isn’t acting rationally


I made the statement meaning, “you can question its relevance” i.e. the rhetorical you.

You made the claim, “there are no studies that support this opinion”. Providing, therefore, any single study, of which a case study is a form of study would contradict that statement.

I go into this with no outcome associated with other than to bring my experience without dogma. I know this is an emotive area with first-hand experience of the impact on family. Therefore I keep my statements very factual.

Edit: I realize now you probably read into the context of my messages like a right-wing American and took the connotations/undertones from that culture. FAOD, I am neither and mean nothing more than I write!

“theory pushed on some fronts”, includes medical academia.

They have seen the outcomes for one area and make an inference upon that in another. As a scientist you know it’s important not to jump to conclusions they often use that to direct further research.

This is true, and why making that jump is not viable. The two populations are not comparable. Being trans is in no way comparable to having cancer. The confounding variables make it impossible to draw meaningful conclusions.



Yep exactly, I think we all agree that it’s really important that children get the most effective treatment. Clinical trails are a good way to establish what effective treatments are; there have been none. Nothing like the rigour you would have for say a cancer treatment or an antidepressant.

I missed your statement early about deaths. Maybe you misread what I wrote, I have seen no research that suggested in the slightest it causes death. I do not intend to make that claim.

Ah just seen your edit… I have never seen that, I do not consume (right wing) US media! LOL at “linked to deaths” no shit eh!

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Yeah, but it’s a distraction from the state’s real needs! /fires into the air in celebration


I prefer to let trans people speak for our own lives than uniterested parties presuming to speak for us.


And now Florida has to get in on the act.


My 16-year old is trans - and this stuff makes me livid. It’s hard enough for him in High School as it is.


My youngest is trans and 18, and college is much, much better than HS was.


So glad to hear that! HS is really rough on him.


Their fear dominates every one of their political and social “positions.” How pathetic, in the Best Age of Humankind, that such people CHOOSE fear and hate as their primary motivator.


Yep… it absolutely should. It’s all sorts of bullshit.

I’m really sorry that your kid has to put up with this sort of blatant discrimination in our society. All kids deserve better than that, and they’re not getting it.

My besties kid is non-binary, nearly done with HS, and is looking forward to college, too. They are lucky (like your kids are) to have supportive family and a good set of friends to support them, but I know they struggle in HS… and they live in a generally progressive forward thinking place (mostly).


Don’t get me wrong, there are still struggles, but it has changed from “how do I survive while having to be someone I am not” to “what pronouns do I feel comfortable with?” I will take that change, even if my old brain struggles with singular they, and for a time wanting to use “human” as a pronoun. But struggling with “who exactly am I” rather than having to hide their true self is a huge step toward normalization.