North Dakota cops can now use lobbyist-approved taser/pepper-spray drones

I said with an actual soul. I thought Obama was a wall street corporatist before he even got voted in, lots of nice words that amounted to very little. It was Ron Paul who was talking sense back then, but he was playing for the wrong side and there wasn’t any real Democrat contender to challenge Obama.
Follow the money and you’ll see who your enemies are.

My point is that social control and wealth accumulation continue to increase regardless of who’s president, and whether or not he/she “has a soul”. And this weaponized drone thing is a great example of that. Obviously it’s a terrible idea to give police such tools, but not even the saintliest politicians can prevent it.

This is because regardless of who is elected, the president isn’t actually in charge. We don’t have a god-king in the US. We have an elaborate bureaucracy which is designed to serve the elite, and then we choose a guy to sit in a big chair and pretend to preside over a bureaucracy he can’t even understand, let alone control.

The government runs itself. The president doesn’t run it and we certainly don’t run it. Once we recognize that, we can look beyond “playing the game too”, and engage with politics on our own terms. What would it actually take to get these drones out of the sky?

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I hear you, but I’m not ready to give up. It’s only a stacked game because of voter-apathy and corporate ‘shrill-ology’. We do actually have the means to beat all the rotten fuckers at their own game through sheer numbers if we can only pull together instead of pulling apart. It really is the only game in town.
As for the drones?
How about this for a laugh?


This is not true, the Daily Beast article is incorrect on this subject:

At first I thought it said “hobbyist-approved”!

Quiet! The Apprentice is on.


I wonder how Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost will react when drone owners are monitoring him and his officers from public property 24/7 using their own drone-mounted cameras. Will he try to argue that his officers need their privacy? If so, why is he afraid of a little camera? Does he have something to hide?

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Ya fiyad…

The only thing I like about the idea of the cops using drones against activists is the thought of the activists also using drones to fight the cop’s drones.

If in my lifetime I see scores of rebel drones launch overhead to fight against imperial drones during a protest, I will admit that would be a pretty badass sight to behold.

I can see it now…

Protestors lure cops and their imperial drones down some streets to an area that has a building with some rebel drone operators hidden inside it. Their rebel drones launch from another nearby rooftop and attack. The cops can’t see, nor locate the rebel operators because the rebels are simply using the drone cameras to navigate and attack. They surround the imperial drones and knock them out of the sky and/or capture the drones with robotic clamps and take off with them to an undisclosed location to add to the activists’ collection of trophies they hang like animal heads on walls.

When protestors bring fishing poles to protests to counter-attack corporatist, imperial drones…
Will the authorities ban fishing poles?


And people were treating the coverage of this lovely item with scorn and derision…

It’s the Internet. Scorn and derision are its fuel and blood.

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Well, drones aren’t ducks, so simply rebranding duckshot “drone munition” (and probably charging more) is rather silly…

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Or bloody f-ing brilliant! If it didn’t encourage jackasses who probably shouldn’t be shooting anyways (assuming that most harassing drones will be those flying in populated areas) to shoot at drones, I kind of wished that I came up (and was compensated for) that marketing ploy.

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