North Korea responds to UN over runaway soldier Travis King

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Man, I am sure the whole “separation from the Army” and other punishments awaiting at Ft Bliss would be no fun.

But running to North Korea is taking a temporary setback/failure and making it a life long bad decision. :confused:


And if the treatment of Otto Warmbier is indicative of what he can expect, that won’t be a very long time.

This was a terrible, TERRIBLE move on his part.


It does sound like bad decisions are kind of his thing.


Nah. He was in NK legally and tried to swipe a poster.

There have been other soldiers who have defected to NK. They were used as propaganda tools, and treated fairly well.


If this were a cheap 1980s action movie I’d say it would be a great way to infiltrate a deadly member of the special forces within North Korea’s circle of power.

He got into Pyongyang through deception, but now he must find the truth if he want to find the real nuclear weapons! Direct to VHS…


Not a million miles away from a real 1980s action movie.

I remember that film. It depicts Northern soldiers performing Southern TKD.

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