North Korea to "expel" U.S. soldier who fled there from South

Originally published at: North Korea to "expel" U.S. soldier who fled there from South | Boing Boing


“We found him to not only have no useful information but also was worthless as a bargaining piece.”

It’s going to go really well for this guy when he comes back home.


When even North Korea doesn’t want you…


i feel somewhat sorry for this guy. as unfortunate as his future was before this stunt, it will be noticeably worse now.


“Was not well-marbled enough to feed to fearless Leader. We will only accept defectors above a certain BMI from now on. BTW, what is famous actor Steven Seagal up to these days?”

Oof. Don’t they usually parade defectors around as proof of the West’s corrupt, evil practices? Did he go on and on about Star Wars to the point they were like, “Ugh, send this guy back!”

Basically this meme:


Indeed they do! That’s he’s being tossed back is pretty damn bad.

“Wait, I went to North Korea? Sorry, my bad.”

I sincerely hope they aren’t just sending him back because he’s ill and dying like the last guy

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