What North Korean defectors think of North Korea


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From what I understand, defectors from North Korea don’t like North Korea all that much, and have some issues with it’s leadership.


That’s not the case! There are videos1 of them praising North Korea and its leadership!

1Coincidentally, recorded while they were still in North Korea.


This article is somewhat peculiarly formatted, at least for me.


This seems to be the source video:

(Nice work on that front page, boys!)


So what you’re saying is we have it good here in the USA?


Well, not according to some screaming protesters at whatever rally du jour.

I mean, remember that time Reagan executed his advisor with an anti-aircraft gun after the guy dozed off…and made the guy’s whole family watch, then deported them to the labor camps? (Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/30/north-korea-reportedly-executes-officials-anti-aircraft-gun-purge)

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That was a general usage ‘bro’.
Were it grammatically directed at you, I’d have reverted to the proper form “Bro”.
Maybe even the proper/informal version “Brah”.

Also - man watching that video is depressing as hell. The entire country is one huge Milgram experiment.


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so this is a preview of America under Trump?


Funny, but really he doesn’t have the self-discipline necessary.


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It’s always gotta be about us, doesn’t it?