North Korea says John Kerry has "Hideous Lantern Jaw"

I always thought more like this

wolf donning the mask of sheep

His behavior fully revealed once again the U.S. inveterate nature as a hypocrite who has deceived and mocked mankind with all sorts of gimmicks

Man, talk about some clumsy translating. “Wolf donning the mask of sheep”… You mean kind of like a wolf in sheep’s clothing? And who uses the word “inveterate”? But I guess saying “John Kerry demonstrated the hypocritical and deceitful nature of the foreign policy of the United States” doesn’t have the same kind of batshit crazy ring to it.

I’ve always been more bothered by his “eyebrow skin that seems to be melting down over the lateral edges of his eyesockets”…

And if we’re going to be bitchy/catty about things, nice lip gloss in that pic.

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I always thought of the late Pat Tillman whose friendly-fire death and subsequent cover-ups were great tragedies.

But Jesus, look at that guy’s jaw, If his gun broke, he could just eat your head like an apple. And just think how big his jaw would look if he didn’t have a 24" neck

I thought it was because laterns often have a somewhat flared base in order to make them more stable.

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Y’all are way off – wrong lantern:
Lantern Fish:

Edit: it has been pointed out that this photo is evidence that Kerry in fact has “Hideous Angler-Jaw”, not Lantern as I indicated.


There’s a cure for this.

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I would rather try that than have surgery: Chin Reduction (mentoplasty)

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