North Korea says John Kerry has "Hideous Lantern Jaw"


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“. . . the U.S. inveterate nature as a hypocrite who has deceived and mocked mankind with all sorts of gimmicks,” This is the best description of American politics I’ve ever read! Illustrative, descriptive, and accurate! Thank you North Korea, you’ve brought a real tear of joy to my eye. As for Kerry’s lantern-jaw thing, eh, our politicians ain’t too pretty. We’ve learned to deal with it.


At least he doesn’t have a Chinese smuggler’s haircut.


Is North Korea trying to make John Kerry more popular?


Seriously. You want to insult a U.S. politician, you don’t lead with the truth in well-constructed phrases. Start with some innuendo, dabble a bit in exaggeration, then wrap it up with outright damning lies.

Nevertheless, I don’t think I’d predict increases in lantern-jaw prosthetic or surgical intervention.

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You must admit that is one impressive chin.


Once again, North Korea’s propaganda office sounds like it’s being run by Charles Dickens.


Lantern Jaw! I know, right! Haven’t I been saying this all along?!

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yeah, you don’t hear a lot of, “Give me the flaccid Leno, you know, the Kerry.”

But I think Kerry’s chin is somewhat shaped by a motorcycle accident, so i don’t think he really requested it either.

We jawless schlubs of the world find this quite amusing.

The big jaw is fine. I think the shape-changer-like smoothness of his entire face is more of-putting. I keep hoping to catch him the act of switching.

How to tell a baby-eating American from a British git.

Does anyone know off the top of their head why it’s called a “Lantern Jaw”? Sure, I could google it, but this is more fun.

I think because it resembles the handle of an old-timey lantern. Picture this upside-down:

The handle is the jaw, the lantern itself is the rest of the head.

Hey, North Korea, reconsider.

You definitely do not want the alpha snarksters of the United States of America to go DEFCON 1 on your great leader in a nation vs. nation game of the dozens. Our country has too many problems to mention, but lack of humor has never been one of them.

Take it back or else.

Seriously, NK, you want to do this?




I’ve been screaming this in the streets for years. Maybe now you’ll listen.

I think maybe it refers to these? A long face tapering to a square base?

Bruce Campbell will always be “The Chin”

While Jay Leno just looks like his face has Truck Nutz