North Korea's paranoid GNU/Linux watermarks every file


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Quick, call the MPAA/RIAA! They’ll love it.


(I believe that this is the talk in question, not the video embedded in the Reuters article)


OK, so how do we get to these people, or in some other way make the knowledge available, ways to scrub files and neuter this ‘feature’ out without it calling the mothership?


As an emissary of the hegemon, I approve this message.


Why is /usr/lib/Warnning.wav so important? IIRC, it’s taken directly from a Kapersky product, is not watermarked, and yet it is protected by the “System Integrity” daemons.


Coming soon to a computer near you!! Whether you want it or not!!


I was just coming to post their media link.

I didn’t realize they were updating the youtube channel that quickly this year.


Realistically? We don’t.


Actually? We quite do.


Some people claim that “Dallas” won the Cold War, so…


In the war of cultures, culture is a mighty weapon.

Especially as the missiles can be self-propagating. If you can get your memes to be copied around by the ordinary people, you got them recruited. Get your samizdat viral and you score some major points.

Here, the Radio Free Europe was often jammed, usually when there was spoken word there. The music was often left alone. It’s said that if the propagandists were wiser, they’d do it the other way.


It’s a good thing that here in the “Free World”, our computing devices don’t watermark our printouts in undisclosed ways for undisclosed reasons.


Oldie but goodie. The technique usually uses yellow dots, which are badly visible on white background. They are much better visible under blue light (use a blue LED). Worth reminding us about, time to time; things like this are too easily forgotten.

We need printers with auditable firmware, with source codes available. (Possibly a raspi or Beaglebone board with a daughter board with interfaces for the head, sensors and motors?)

Example, with decoding:

Campaign site:

Youtube video:


One reason I have an Oki printer…


In DRM/‘Trusted Computing’-related contexts, these sorts of techniques are referred to as “Traitor tracing”.

I assume that NK takes the ‘traitor’ part a bit more literally; but the similarity of the techniques is convergent evolution, not some fluke occurrence.



It’s a radio for speaking to God!

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