North Korea launches Netflix-like streaming propaganda service 'Manbang'


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Manbang and Chill??


House of Cards. More murder or less?


Manbang is not a gay male pornography service




I wonder what movies the kindergarteners are clamoring for?

There are a few pieces of DPRK made cartoons on YouTube. They’re kind of like cheap anime. Much propaganda. Very sneering villain.

There was an ABC news (I think) “visit to North Korea” segment about five years back – maybe more – in which a teen student at an elite school lets slip that his favorite movie was “Toy Story 2.”

Which makes me wonder:

Are a subset of movies western movies deemed inoffensive widely watched in the DPRK?


Is that kid now doing 20 years hard labor for watching impure capitalist animation?


Oh you Manny Manny Bang Bang we love you!


Btw, welcome to Boing Boing.


I keep forgetting they don’t have Google there.


“This will be great once we get the internet, computers and electricity!” ~ North Korea


He’s from the privileged Core class, so he gets to break the rules that the Wavering class have to be more cautious about, same as elsewhere in the world: Songbun.



“If a viewer wants to watch, for instance, an animal movie and sends a request to the equipment, it will show the relevant video to the viewer”

My first thought was to imagine it providing just a random video of an animal, doing animal things like eating grass or defecating or sleeping. No voice-over, no choice what animal you get, no editing. Just a video of “an animal.”


That would be more like a google search for a video, which is scheduled for the Bangbang beta release.


And Kim Kum-hee, a kindergarten teacher in Sariwon, said that Manbang’s video-on-demand service resolved the headache of children clamoring to binge-watch their favorite movies. “Now they are glued to the TV screen for hours a day,” she said.

Something is wrong with our children, Chochim. They eat not. They sleep not. They spend all of their time watching meaningless Earth programs on the video…


The bandwidth for Manbang is very ample and girthy. You just wouldn’t believe it.


Juche means never having to focus-group your branding.


Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un is watching porn streamed through the TVs’ cameras in viewers’ bedrooms. It’s win-win!


That’s like some porn site, right? :wink:


Can’t wait for the next hot Manbang release!