North of Philly, a museum of dead tech




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One fine day we’ll need this stuff again!!


The Mercer museum is quite something. Two of the many unique features - one must walk under a gallows to reach the one-room school house exhibit, and the item at the highest point in the building is a plow.


Damn. Now there are three things I’d like to see in the US and can’t :-(.


you mean when the titans take over?

Better start learning how to use your 3d maneuver gear now.


@felton @Falcor I’m not allowed to post a bunch of :banana:s to a topic I like anymore?


Fixed it! I hit delete by mistake. Meant to clear something and got rid of it instead. Mea culpa.


Interestingly, I was at the Mercer Museum with my adult son this past Sunday, when the temperature outside was approximately 10 F. The building is not heated in any way and as a cast concrete structure, you can imagine that it was a bit frosty inside. It was a fascinating sight (and site) but we could not brave the cold inside long enough to see it all. We will be back soon.

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