Noseflags is the best thing trump pulled out of his nose



Artist Nitpick;

That is not the correct color order of the spectrum:


It repeats. Forever and ever.


I thought “correct order” meant matching the order in the NBC logo behind him?


Harrumph. As if NBC doesn’t know how to paint peacock feathers!


Ah. I didn’t even notice that; I try to ignore corporate logos as much as possible.

Clearly, they don’t.





Well there you go. No doubt that’s a Public Television peacock.


It works most of the time; but there are occasions where the capture of my attention is pretty much unavoidable.


I feel the same. Just like the living dead, you can avoid them but in the end they get in.




Poor, neglected Indigo.


It’s the ‘red-headed stepchild’ of the color spectrum, truly…


But not the indigo child.


That’s a whole other spectrum;


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