Not selling out: Teens live in commercial online spaces because that's their only option



when kids turn to the only place where they can be social without being feared or feared for – the corporate-owned social spaces of the net – we damn them for having no sense of authenticity and being uncritical serfs in commercial seigneuries.

Who’s doing what to the what now? I quite honestly have never seen anyone criticize a teen for using Tumblr or Facebook. I’ve seen criticisms of teens for how they use these spaces, sure.


So, they can’t build their own digital club house?

In what non-commercial digital space? Even in using the net, you are dependent on corporations as ISPs. Sure, you can get on the “dark net” or whatever, but even to get there we are all dependent on commercial/corporate interactions.


Question of dumbness - danah boyd is doing the bell hooks thing with her name, correct? I just noticed that Cory spelled it lower case through out the commentary he wrote on this.

looks liek it… zwoooop

(Thanks, danah!)

You know, I’m a total lazy ass so thanks for doing the hard work for me! :wink:

lol, your question prompted me to look and now I’m reading stuff I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. :smiley:

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Me too! Sometimes the internet can be awesome-sauce. I have to say, everytime I read something by danah boyd, I’m all like, this lady is on to something, but then I forget about her and something else pops up. But I’m looking at her blog now and it’s full of awesome. I mean, check this shit out:

Interesting. Thanks.

I think we build these monsters ourselves by feeding them constantly. Sure, they’re handy, and useful, and fun, so we all aggregate together in one spot and create a monster.
Now I know that the way the internet is constructed you could have a million social networks all connected together, but if you wall yours off it’s bigger ad-bucks, right?
sigh; they’ve found our weak spot. Our social and playful nature.

I thought the problem was that all the sites people go to are run by commercial operations. It doesn’t seem like a carrier issue.

The humans do fuck-all to benefit their offspring; they must be afraid of the potential competition.

Or they’re just fucking stupid.

I think that’s the issue she is talking about specificially, but much of the net is commercial, including the fact it’s on commercial carrier. She’s speaking to a larger problems of the triumph of a society where almost all aspects of modern life are commoditized.

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