Notre Dame and 73 other institutions secretly conspired with the Trump administration to deny birth control


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Religion: Never as good as solid social systems.


Not only women use birth control. The Catholic Church has a reasoning behind the ban. As a Protestant, I think their reasoning is bogus, but it’s a good deal more nuanced than “barefoot and pregnant.”


How much of that reasoning is actual issues and how much is a smokescreen around a patrilocal view of society?




The term “pharisaical” comes to mind.


Controlling others for influence and income. Very non-Jesus.


I’ll be out at the bench with homeless Jesus.



I feel I’m parsing this wrong, or the 2nd Notre Dame should be something else.

Nice choice of words.

This is infuriating, but so much is these days. So. Much. the hits just keep coming.


Both. But contraception has been available, in one form or another, for millennia.


Even if so, and I’m not sure I agree (depends on specific definitions of terms), contraception that women could reliably and safely access without male consent or cooperation has not been, I don’t think.


Catholics have been notoriously chilly over contraception too.

Ireland for example didn’t fully legalize contraception until 1993.


Consent decrees have often been used to bypass normal regulatory rulemaking processes and make secretly negotiated deals that end up binding on the whole country and effectively altering government regulations without public comment or normal safeguards. Republicans have complained about it for years when the EPA enters into friendly consent decrees with envioronmental watchdogs. They decried such arrangements as improper. Now, we see them doing the same kind of inside deal when it suits them. The whole world is hypocrites.


So now what? Are they suing?


I’ve never been much of a sports guy, but now I’m wishing my alma mater had a rivalry against Notre Dame so that I’d at least have somewhere to direct all of this aggression I’m feeling.


And then we’ll hear about how this new funding is getting siphoned to run more concentration camps and /or build that ridiculous wall.

Or even the conservative usual of propping up crap policies.


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