November 17th is Danny DeVito Day in New Jersey and all is right with the world


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I like him.


usually it’s about war of the roses maybe :slight_smile:


Let’s not forget “Ruthless Poeple”; a glorious caper-comedy made with equal parts joy and escalating chaos.


Asbury, if you please…


Another fun one is the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, in which DeVito and real-life spouse Rhea Perlman got to have fun playing the world’s worst parents.

DeVito & Perlman’s relationship is a notable story in itself. The couple moved in together two weeks after meeting each other in 1971, and they’re still together 47 years later (even if they had one or two rocky patches along the way). By the standards of Hollywood celebrity romances that’s a true rarity.

[ETA: OK I just looked it up and they’re currently in “separated but amicable with no plans for divorce” mode again. This is why I usually don’t follow celebrity gossip]


YOU’VE FUCKED WITH THE WRONG PERSON! My husband does business with the Mafia! When they track you down, you, your entire family, everyone you ever KNEW will all get chainsaw enemas!


Louie De Palma : What’re you listening to, Banta?

Tony Banta : I can be here if I want to.

Louie De Palma : No, you can’t.

Tony Banta : This is America, Louie.

Louie De Palma : No, it isn’t.

Tony Banta : It isn’t?

Louie De Palma : No! This is Louieland. You want America, go outside!




Danny DeVito’s also got some solid anti-racist politics. I love this story about him at a Jon Carlos appearance at the London School of Economics:


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