Now I have a Contour Chair Lounge

According to the consignment person I spoke with the open arms (and manual adjust) are indicative of early 50s models. The solid arms really look bad. The take it from a swooping clearly well designed look to a failed mash-up of arm chair and chaise.

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Forget about the chair - check out that VIEW! Sweeeeet.

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My grandparents had a CC lounge, and it lasted them at least 25 years. The original massager unit still worked when they got rid of it. Unbelievably comfortable!

Too bad you probably could have never exorcised the musty smell of old people.

My grandparents are both alive and well (both at 88 now), and there’s never been anything musty about them or their house. Some older folks actually like opening windows for fresh air, even during winter. The lounge finally just wore out.

I, too, lust in vain for a Barcelona chair. :frowning:

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