Now is the time to launch your great podcast idea. These steps can help make it a success.

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This is overly optimistic. Making a living (like $60k a year) off a podcast would mean cracking the top 200 podcasts on Patreon. I run a successful podcast with thousands of listeners and $2300 a month on Patreon, but that isn’t even enough for one person in the collective to live off, and some of that income is spent on paying expenses related to the podcast (equipment, hosting, transcription, etc).

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Now is an especially good time to start a podcast because of all the time people are spending commuting.


I think people are more likely to become professional basketball players than they are to become well paid podcasters. Lots of people like playing basketball, that doesn’t mean they can be professionals and get paid for it. Same goes for podcasts.

And then there’s this:

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