Now that they are being more closely watched, lawmakers voice concern over NSA surveillance


Wyden critically questioned the scope of NSA surveillance long before this issue came up.


For what it is worth Wyden has been doing everything he legally can to get people to pay attention to the encroaching surveillance state for years. No politician is perfect, but when it comes to thoughtful takes on where the surveillance line ought not to cross, he has been one of the few voices of reason.

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Of course we did not mean to suggest anything of the sort. You know as well as we do that providing truthful information to the legislative branch is something we do as seldom as possible!

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“Lawmakers voice concern.”

What was the definition of hypocrisy again?

Hey, the executive branch has held this sort of hammer over the legislature for decades. If a congresscritter gets uppity, the IRS can always find something to convict him of tax fraud. Using the NSA is just reshuffling the responsibilities of the agencies.

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