Now the UK is on the voter fraud bandwagon

But don’t worry, Eric Pickles is going to save us.

Eric Pickles!?


Is Pickles just Rob Ford wearing glasses?
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Unfortunately, the Tories stole this part of the republican playbook a while ago.

They’ve changed voter registration to make it more difficult to get on the register, and they’ve also tried to have the electoral district boundaries re-drawn to equalise the number of voters (post roll purge) in each district. Fortunately that second bit failed, but now we have this.

The annoying thing is, there is a small problem with vote fraud in the UK, but these proposals do nothing about the two main vectors, instead focusing on suppressing the vote in areas that don’t vote Tory.

If you actually wanted to stop fraud, you’d clamp down on excessive use of or suspicious patterns in postal voting, and the abuse of proxy voting to residents of care homes. Both of which have been documented in the past

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