Voter Fraud is Real!


And guess who’s doing it:


Technically it’s not granny farming, but it’s close enough.


There’s also the infamous case in the 2016 election where an Iowa Trump supporter voted twice (and was caught) because, she said, “Trump warned us about all those illegals voting, so I had to do my part.”


Da fuq?

That sounds like definite grounds for some kind of do-over.


I think that’s probably going to happen, which is great news.


It’s even more tangled.


That’s a new one to me. Do I want to know?


You farm elderly people for their votes, like you farm dairy cows for their milk. It usually happens in care homes, where people can have alzheimer’s disease, but in this case they just went door to door in a black community.


Got it, thank you.



At least it’s not Soylent Granny…


Proving voter fraud is one thing, but unless we build a revoting process and rules around what triggers it, no audit process we can devise fixes this problem.


Odds on whether the Republican Party apparatchiks quash the investigation and pull a “move along, nothing to see here?”

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