Trump's campaign against mail-in voting is backfiring by discouraging Republican absentee voters

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Chris Jacobs ( R ) is learning this lesson the hard way in the ongoing vote count in his race against Nate McMurray in the special election for the congressional seat for the 27th district of NY. He was so boastful going by the initial polling at the voting sites… then the mail in vote numbers have started to trickle in and he started to get nervous. In the debate I seen with him in he blasted mail in voting as being rigged while also sending out flyers encouraging his supporters to vote by mail.

  1. “Democrats are fixing the mail-in voting counts!”
  2. [Republicans avoid using absentee ballots, thus skewing mail-in voting more Democratic]
  3. “Aha! I was right!”

Glad he cleared this up:


Trump seems to be going all in with the idea that Republicans are going to ignore the plague to support him. The attendance numbers in Tulsa and the list of powerful people weaseling out of future events says otherwise.


Its an interesting district. Its borders appear designed to avoid a bunch of major upstate cities. One would think it is a strong Republican area.

It is a big GOP/pro-Trump area. This election is to fill in a seat that was left vacated by Collins (Trump’s first backer in the House) after he was charged with insider trading which was literally caught doing on camera at a picnic on the White House lawn lmao


A regime so incompetent it can’t even cheat to its own advantage. This bunch makes the Hapsburgs look like Machiavellian geniuses.


You guys are falling down on the job! Nearly 10 comments in, and the classic response is nowhere to be found:



Does registering to vote by mail in the primaries automatically make you eligible to vote by mail in the main election, or does it depends on the state?
Maybe this can also skew the next election against the current seat holders.

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