Now there are 2 Coronavirus cases in Congress — Ben McAdams (D, Utah) has COVID-19

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Ben McAdams of Utah is the second member of Congress to officially test positive for the new coronavirus


The Senate will shut down the moment the Republican majority is threatened.


So, Pence and Trump are both exposed. 2 House members are positive, and have brought the virus to the House Floor. Which means Speaker Pelosi is exposed. What really needs to happen now is for Pelosi to hold a vote for her replacement as speaker, who should be someone as close in age to 35 as possible. He or she should then appoint Pelosi as interim speaker of the House, and then leave the building and go into seclusion.

That should give Mitch McConnel a well earned heart attack. I nominate Ted Lieu.


A certain leveling of the playing field(s)

Also, the younger primary candidate should stay in the race.

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Since McConnell won’t let him vote if he’s not on-site, I suggest he makes sure he’s within 3 feet of McConnell at all times. Maybe that’ll get McConnell to change his fucking mind. (And possibly solve the McConnell problem permanently, to boot.)


Let’s pray this thing away. I heartily endorse old Republicans continuing to ignore all common sense and keep gathering in to packed restaurants.

This is shocking – there’s a Democrat in Utah!?


Would it be too much to ask of them to cough in the faces of Gohmert, Gaetz, and all the rest of the Trump ass kissers? Maybe lick their briefcase handles or something?

Both are members of the House, not the Senate. Maybe they can kick Pelosi’s butt into gear instead considering she was similarly resistant to the idea of remote voting in the legislature.

Unfortunate, as McConnell is more deserving of it, but waking Pelosi up to the reality of things is a good idea as well.

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