Now you too can have permanent duckface surgery


Duckface is kind of hot.


From my time on the internet this isn’t what I’d classify as “duckface”. To me it’s when you try and put the corners of your mouth together, like a big over exaggerated kiss.

Like this:

Well apparently I can’t just link you to the picture…


Yeah, I’ll second bcsizemo. Artificial curl at the corner of the mouth is not duckface. Duckface is sticking out your lips in a kind of exaggerated pout. No doubt they could invent a surgery for that, too, but this isn’t it.

I agree, <a href=“"target=”_blank">here’s a nice collection of em. Make it stop people, you look ridiculous.

Nobody said Transhumanism would be pretty…


Is it possible that some of those pictures are actually of facial reconstructive surgery repackaged as “OMGweirdAsia”? I can hope, right?

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Also agreeing - the pictures in the linked post are not at all what I would consider duck face.

My personal pet peeve is the nose bobs where it seems like they shave off the tip of the nose to make it point upwards, then take off another 1/8" .

It’s like “Look at my NOSE JOB, I just wanted it to look extra fake so you’d know I had a NOSE JOB.”

And I gotta tell you, guys aren’t walking around saying “I’d like a gal with a nose that lets me look all the way up to her sinuses!”

Borg-like mechanical/electronic implantations I expect (I still want those retractable claws I was promised in at least one cyberpunk novel). Permanent duckface? Just no.

Especially on ducks.

Yeah, screw the cosmetic stuff. I’d like external titanium sheathing down the outside of my forearm and hand, anchored through the skin into the bone. An especially heavy flat piece at the start of my pinky to use to drive nails without a hammer but simply with a closed fist. Sharpened into a blade elsewhere for brush-cutting without a machete (and for clearing/cleaving crowds of paparazzi with my arm up in front of my face). That’s what I’d like. Yes it is. (Of course I would never be allowed to fly anywhere, ever again).

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is this really any different than tattoo’s or Mayan skull shaping or Chinese hobbled feet? people have been enhancing their bodies forever

Oh boy! Now you can let a smile be your beach umbrella!

That photo looks more “Gelfling” than “Duckface” to me.

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Well, while you’re at it:

Lana del Rey has duckface.

The linked article is about Joker face.

Well, I am. I guess everybody has their kink.