NPR examines centuries of policing against racial minorities in America

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Behind the Bastards did an entertaining (and incredibly depressing) 6 part series on this called “Behind the Police”

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I’ll have to listen to this soonish…


Just got done reading Slave patrols: law and violence in Virginia and the Carolinas. In it, author Sally Hadden states in various places, in various contexts, that modern policing in the USA can easily find its roots in the southern slave patrols from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

I got the impression that after the civil war, things split and the traditional keep-'em-down responsibility of the original patrols went to the extralegal vigilantes (ie, the kkk) while police forces began to be established so that they could be regulated, like the antebellum and colonial patrols used to be. Wonder how that postbellum regulation has worked out? /s

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