NRA is spending $3m on pro-Trump ad that says Clinton "will leave you defenseless"

“Ladies, if your guy needs an AR-15 and he is not in a tactical law enforcement unit or serving in a combat zone with the military, he has a small penis and you can do better.”


She only wants to put a very reasonable 25% tax on gun purchases and her VP wants to tax alcoholic beverages even more. What a true America duo. Really relating to and looking out for the average citizen haha.

Funny, the only people I have heard saying that is the NRA. Pray tell us where we can find these gun-grabbing liberals? I mean, outside of right-wing fantasies?

@modelsofmodels [citation needed]


this is not a surprise in the least.


That’s an interesting cross section of the public you’re attempting to rile up.
You smell of AstroTurf.


Well, thank goodness Trump isn’t relying on any money-grubbing Washington insiders to get elected.


you also get this GIF as well!

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I was going to say the smell was of something else, but AstroTurf works as well.


Cuz they keep getting shot by their own weapons when the kids find them, or in murder-suicides?
(crickets chirping)
What, too soon?


While Hillary has said she’d be amenable to a 25% (or other amount) tax on guns, when the idea was suggested to her, I don’t recall anything Mike Pence has said about a tax of any kind on alcohol. Citation?

Tim Kaine, clinton’s vp…

Kaine’s attempted $8 million beverage tax hike was part of his final budget proposal, released Dec. 18, 2009

I personally own an alcohol related business and belive me, we get bent over the barrel enough as it is already on taxes every step of the way.

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You mean it’s protected by a Constitutional amendment, right? The Constitution has been changed and SCOTUS rulings have been overridden by later SCOTUS rulings. These may not happen any time soon, but there’s no reason to drop the idea of gun control just because the most extreme interpretation of one of the least necessary or relevant amendments in the Constitution in modern times is the currently legal one.



Ha! Typo, sorry. Got my VPs mixed up mentally. That’s on me :slight_smile:

However, Tim Kaine has not proposed or spoken about any national alcohol tax hike, and he never proposed an alcohol tax that was more than 25%.


My issue is with the mentality of a person who thinks that’s a good idea when he was on a state level. I would wager he wouldn’t be against the idea of a national tax bump on alcoholic beverages. Obviously I come from the angle of a small business owner in the alcohol industry, but the TTB and ABC taxes and bonds are already insane. That’s before local and state taxes are even dealt with.

Citation needed.


Not only is this dumb, but it’s completely misogynistic to boot as if to say, “ladies, you obviously suck at gunning, so your man better be good at 'em.”

Nobody tell them about Lyudmila Pavlichenko or their collective penises may wither off.


They hang out with the gays that are out there trying to recruit their children.


0_o While the NRA does tend to lay on the “sky is falling” pretty thick.

  1. Hillary isn’t 2nd Amendment friendly. No she isn’t a rabid Anti, but she isn’t friendly. You can google many quotes from left leaning sites for verification.

  2. Her husband signed the old AWB, there is no reason to think she wouldn’t as well. She has mentioned wanting to reinstate it in the past.

  3. Even if she doesn’t proactively go after them, she will be putting at least one Supreme Court judge in, possibly more, and odds are they are going to be left leaning and probably echo other views of left leaning judges.

The NRA is a one issue lobby group. And they are more or less fucked at this point as far as who is going to be President. Trump also isn’t especially pro 2nd Amendment either, but he at seems disinterested at worst. So thanks to the shit choice of who the Rs put up, they don’t really have a choice on who they support. I am sure there are NRA member and leadership who are pro-Trump. I am also sure there are a lot who are like, “Well, fuck, what other choice do we have?”

Though optimistically, we survived 8 years of Obama and didn’t get anything significant passed. I imagine we can weather 4 years of Hillary. Though the Supreme Court judge is probably going to lead to less 2nd amendment cases taken to the supreme court.

She supports largely the exact same gun control issues that Obama does. None of them involve “grabbing guns” or abolishing the 2nd amendment.

I most certainly hope so, yes.

Unlike Trump and his followers, I don’t think that’s a reason to kill someone.


It’s funny you bring up evil people and assassinations and conspiracies, because while Trump said something really, really stupid, Hillary and the Clinton’s have had murder conspiracies surrounding them since the 90s. No one within 7 degrees of separation can die with out them being linked.

To be clear, I think they are all bunk, but suggesting the Republicans would do something like that is also bunk.