NSA bribed UK spooks GBP100M for spying privileges


It’s like a quota system for catching ‘terrorists’ and we all know what happens when quotas must be met.

What do you mean? They’re way above quota, in fact they’ve caught the #3 man in al-Qaeda ten times this year. That works out to… hm… ten million per #3. I wonder if that’s the ROI they’re looking for?

I’m actually kinda reassured. Our politicians are prone to taking bribes in the tens of thousands for laws that will cause corporate profit at the public’s expense in the tens of millions. It’s nice to know that our spooks are at least charging the going rate.


Meanwhile… in other NSA news:

Edward Snowden granted temporary asylum in Russia for 1 year.


They’re educated.

Couldn’t we all just chuck in and bribe them with more money?

You would think so, but an honest criminal is one who stays bought. We already paid for them with our taxes, but it hasn’t stopped them from accepting bribes. I doubt we can come up with enough money to keep them from selling us out again.

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