NSA cracked CIA "Kryptos" sculpture before CIA

Kim Zetter: "It took more than eight years for a CIA analyst and a California computer scientist to crack three of the four coded messages on the CIA’s famed Kryptos sculpture in the late ’90s. Little did either of them know that a small group of cryptanalysts inside the NSA had beat them to it,… READ THE REST

Missing URL?

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For the impatient.


By impatient, you must mean those of us that clicked on red text that looked like a link but was not. Thank you.

They just logged into Jim Sanborn’s email and found the answer as part of the war on terror.


How much of our taxpayer money went into all of this? Meanwhile, we still don’t have a single payer system in the USA. How quaint…

Charm offensive.

I wonder if this story was released now to distract us from the democracy destroying aspects of the NSA with a cudly knerd story.

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Yeah, but unless they solved the 4th/ i really don’t care.

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Gotta keep the nerds’ brains occupied so they don’t accidentally develop a sense of ethics or morality.

Still waiting for them to crack the double ROT13 on their ethics training manual.

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