NSA hacked email of Mexican president and drug-war reformers


This is the NSA doing the job it was chartered to do.

Taking naive to another level.

This. The Dulles brothers (Allen, head of the CIA and John Foster, Sect of State) in the 50’s turned US foreign policy into a cabal of economic hitmen.

Why is it legal or justifiable when our country does it, but when other nations or people do it to us it is somehow a crime?

The way I see it there is no justification for espionage, EVER.

There is no justification for the government keeping secrets from its own citizens, EVER.

You seem to not have learned that anything they do to other countries, they eventually do to their own.
You also do not notice that Mexico is not at war with the united states.
You are also ignoring that this is not about terrorism at all.
You also seem to think that if its not done to you it doesn’t matter.

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If I ran that transparency survey, I’d revise downward the previous couple decades worth of scores for the US.

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Well, there are actually 3 justifications for secrecy:

  1. Surprise parties
  2. War rooms
  3. Patent and Copyright Protection

I was asking rhetorically. The US is a pit of corruption, its just that most of us don’t realize it, so such ratings are meaningless. Americans are the most gullible people on earth.

The first thing it will do is help to get Mexico out from under our thumb so that she can make her own decisions on how to proceed with “the war on drugs”.

I’m not interested in the US government’s “major interests” in other nations. Whenever the US govt decides it has a major interest somewhere else in the world it only means one thing: death, poverty and misery for the target nation. Its about time we stopped meddling and murdering so much and got our own house in order.

And the idea that the drug war is only a clusterfuck propelled by the Ted Cruz’s and John Boehners belies the facts in major ways. Obama is also on board, as are most of our other idiot leaders. And while many of them might believe the rhetoric (I use “believe” in a very loose way, as these people are glib and don’t really seem to believe anything in the sense you or I would mean the word), it is not just convenient that the drug war helps the US to dominate other nations. To deny the history of dollar diplomacy and the ways in which our methods of fighting the “drug war” so wonderfully tie in to that is willful ignorance. The reason we send CIA and DEA, etc. into Columbia, Mexico, etc. and yet do nothing to stop the trillions, yes trillions in drug cartel money laundering by US and European banks is not to win the drug war, but to further the interests of capital and the enforcement of plantation state domination.


The first one is the only serious reason. The others just promote violence, death, and the shackling of minds.

The Truman memo dated 08/10/1952 effectively created NSA and states:

The COMINT mission of the National Security Agency (NSA) shall be to
provide an effective, unified organization and control of the
communications intelligence activities of the United States conducted
against foreign governments, to provide for integrated operational
policies and procedures pertaining thereto.

I’d be hard pressed to come up with a better example of “communications intelligence activity conducted against a foreign government” than reading the president of Mexico’s email and listening to his phone calls.

You’re asserting a slippery slope that is unrealistic.
War has never been a requirement for American espionage.
I never said it was about terrorism.
I fully expect foreign countries to pursue their national interest by spying on the United States.

Try breaking into the US president’s email account and tell the nice gentlemen who come knocking on your door that you’ve done nothing illegal.

Its not a slippery slope, its different points, of which you addressed one of them, thanks for that.
But I’ve never said YOU said it’s about terrorism, rather that the powers to actually do this spying have been granted in order to fight terrorism and they are not being used for that.

Its not a slippery slope you see, I’m not saying this is leading us somewhere, I’m saying we’re already there, And the observable behavior of people empowered to indiscriminately exercise their powers needs to be reexamined.
See, I think that in light of what we now know, its necessary to question whether all spying activities really are in YOUR best interest.

After all, it seems to me that there is already an agency that works with Mexico on the "WAR AGAINST DRUGS"® and its not the NSA, so it also seems to me that there is already a mechanism in place to share their data with at least one other agency, probably all.
This seems fine until you realize that they now have a lot of power which is not being used for its intended purposes.

Its pretty complex and we still do not know the whole story. But we are definitely seeing a very systematic overreach not bounded by anything really, certainly not abstract concepts like ethics or morality or law.
Are not all their actions suspect now?

I still don’t think you get my drift. What I think is naive is thinking that they are sticking to what they are chartered to do and that their actions are also in the interests of the American public at large instead of corrupt entities.

Some of us think the U.S. Constitution still means something. Others disagree… others disagree.

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