NSA wiretapped 122 world leaders; GCHQ penetrated German satellite companies for mass surveillance potentials




Its like they have a team of dumb people working around the clock thinking of dumb names for their dumb operations…


I hope it was worth it - alienating a long time ally like Germany, very influential in the world’s biggest economy and having good relations with the Middle-east, and making customers around the world suspicious of US IT technology.

My guess: In the long-term it’s going to bite the US government/public/economy in the ass.


Here’s another guess: an upsurge in the paper kind of mail, especially in diplomatic pouches.


Sneakernet has its advantages.


Good to know that the spooks are on first name terms with their targets. A bit odd, though, that the list is alphabetised that way.


Edward Snowden: The gift that keeps on giving…


Don’t forget the UK’s hand in this.

My prediction for the next general election: The winner will not do anything that will actually stop GCHQ in any meaningful way.


This is why Jimmy Carter uses snailmail for his important correspondence.


… that is smart. I bet he does not even use postcards, but letters with envelopes. You know, so nobody can read it.


The NSA is unwittingly saving the Postal Service.


I believe @Eksrae is referring to Terri Gross’ interview of Carter that I heard not long ago, and IIRC, he does mention that he uses envelope and all. Thought that was a really interesting point in their talk.


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