NSA versus puzzles


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Unfortunately, while you have the Mystic school on one hand (the apparent unpuzzleness of the pieces is just a proof of the unimaginable scale of the puzzle that is true puzzle, manā€¦), you have the ā€˜Procrustean Puzzleā€™ school on the other, which tends toward the view that the failure of a piece to fit is ample evidence of its powers of deception, and of the need to apply coercive violence until it fits the space that justifies the violence spent fitting it into the spaceā€¦

The mystics are dangerous because there can be no counter-argument, no quantity of obviously-useless-crap collected that will shake their belief that grasping the nature of puzzle that is true puzzle just requires a bigger datacenter and expanded powers; but they are also the starry-eyed-hoarders-for-its-own-sake (in a nasty, dangerous, active electronic warfare sort of way).

The procrusteansā€¦ wellā€¦ that just couldnā€™t possibly go badly, and boy does it ever.

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