Nukemap: interactive map of potential nuclear bombing fatalities

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Yes, it’s serious. We all need to know what these weapons can do and we need to do everything in our power to make sure that a nuclear devices can never be detonated on Earth.




You say that now, but you’ll regret it when the Kaiju arrive.




…a nuclear devices can never be detonated on Earth again.

FTFY. People often talk about nuclear war as if we haven’t already had one.


Cheery information.

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Of course these neat little circles don’t account for terrain, (having a big hill between you and the explosion can make a real difference), weather (all else being equal, cloudy, humid weather leads to less direct radiation but greater blast) and the accuracy of the delivery device. (nobody knows ho accurate these would be because the ICBMs have never been launched on those courses)

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For clarification regarding the demise of Los Angeles: As a UCLA student working part-time at RAND under Daniel Ellsberg we postulated that the most effective use of a nuclear warhead would be to place it in Santa Monica Bay and let Mother Nature help you out.


That’s wonderful.

You mean wake up Cthulu and let him rampage?

Radioactive Tsunami.

Same thing isn’t it?


Share the FUD with someone you love :heart:

For some dumb reason I was under the impression that it was a historical archive of potential nuclear accidents.

Working down at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque fresh out of college, I got to hear all sorts of lore. There were some old timers who could recall all kinds of horror stories – unsecured nukes accidentally falling out of airplanes (seemed to be a common enough occurrence), nukes dropped by faulty loading equipment, nuke’s conventional explosive accidentally detonating spraying radioisotopes near Lubbock, Texas. One dude was Navy and he was on board a ship that was shipping nukes, and they accidentally dropped one ten feet into the hold of the ship – they spent the next several hours disassembling it so they could tap out all of the dents on the bomb’s coverings before inspection the next day.

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