Nurse held man's mouth shut to prevent him from singing the Pinky and Perky theme song




It’s not the first time that staff at the Carleton Clinic have been caught being abusive towards patients. I remember when they changed their name from the Garlands Hospital because of the scandals that had come into the open.


The what theme?


No jury would convict him.


That’s a pretty sweet song. But pigs the size of hot dogs? Have they never seen an actual pig?


I was going say Pinky and The Brain would be more appropriate


Now I want to see this show.




I’m not sure that is “abuse” at all.


“I’m sorry Mr. Troughton. We had to destroy most of your Doctor Who episodes because there simply wasn’t enough space to store them. What are we keeping? Well…”


I’m not sure if you are being serious, but the Carleton Clinic is a psychiatric hospital and from what I have read it looks like the victim was an in-patient.


“I’ve found this tape labelled ‘moon landing’”.


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