Doctor Who series 8 trailer


Really looking forward to Capaldi’s take on The Doctor.
By the way, has anyone ever tried playing one of Boing Boing’s YouTube videos on an iPhone? Why does it take at least 4 clicks before it actually plays?

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zomg, i went from zero to chills in 19 seconds. “am i a GOOD man?” is something i never thought the doctor would say. i am really, really looking forward to capaldi’s doctor! EDIT: also, this is more of a Teaser than a Trailer. /pedant


My android typically takes two clicks, sometimes more, sometimes it never plays.
Chrome browser.

I’m having a tough time getting through the last season of doctor Who, but this? I’m in!


I want a Doctor who isn’t the center of all creation and whose companions do not turn out to have cosmic significance. How about the explorer Doctor instead of the cosmic one?


Is it just me, or is his accent a bit less Malcolm Tucker than it was immediatley post-regeneration?

(Link is NSFW for angry Scottish man swearing his fucking head off.)


So it’s safe for work everywhere but in Scotland, since no one will understand him anyway?



Having the doctor save the entirety of existence pretty much every season got very dull, very quickly. Combine that with all the almost plotless running around and shouting bits, and incomprehensible deus ex moments and you got a lot of episodes that left me pretty cold at the end.

That’s a shame, because I really, really liked Matt Smith as the Doctor, and the whole Amy/Rory double-act was brilliant.



Agreed. In the original series, off the top of my head I can think of only two stories where he had to save the whole universe: The Three Doctors and Logopolis.

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I’m not Scottish, but I find the F-word even clearer when yelled in a Scottish accent, in intent and emotional import if not in actual enunciation.


Can I interest you in Doctor Ow, a Steam Lord?


We can’t do anything about the Doctors or Companions we’ve had…what I hope is that the Doctor soon realizes that the choices he’s made and the choices or his Companions have been controlled by an outside force for quite a while…and that (perhaps even this Doctor) an upcoming storyline is about the discovery of this and his fight against it.

Last time I watched that show I took one look at the giant scarf and said, ‘this crap isn’t going to last another 50 years.’ And so far I’ve been absolutely right about it.

I always think - this time I’ll try to get into this and then forget about it. Capaldi is great though, so maybe.

He’s no Peter Davison, though.

Did I miss something?
Isn’t the doc supposed to be younger after every reincarnation?
The last few have been all over the place, looking like 30/40-somethings.
This guy looks OLDER.

Nah, that’s just the way the casting has worked out. There’s nothing in canon (that I’m aware of anyway) to suggest his incarnations have to get younger. If they did, Romana would be heading rapidly toward an infant incarnation had she not (presumably) died in the Time War.

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Not to mention that John Hurt, who plays the Doctor during the Time War, is older than the actors on either side of him by quite a bit.

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Ah, but the Hurt incarnation started out young; he just ended up looking like a 73-year-old John Hurt after fighting in the Time War for several centuries.

In the short The Night of the Doctor, in which we finally get to see the Eighth Doctor regenerate, we don’t see his new face directly, but we do get to see a partial reflection of it in a goblet – and thanks to digital trickery, it’s that of a young John Hurt.

(But the general point is correct – the Doctor’s apparent age has nothing to do with the sequence of his regenerations.)