David Tennant and Neil Patrick Harris in the trailer for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special

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You know what, I liked Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor. I liked her companions, even the ones we only got for a few episodes. But when it comes to catching up on her run, the stories just weren’t there and some of them (Flux) made this old fan slightly grumpy, not unlike some newer versions of old shows coughpicardcough. But Davies being in charge again gives me some hope.


I fell out as Peter Capaldi was starting his run, and while I think he is an amazing actor, I was just done with the franchise after the whole Time War was done. Tennant is something really special tho and NPH? NPH IS GEN X GOLD. I’ve been sold since Doogie.


Same here. My wife and I so wanted to enjoy Capaldi, and did enjoy some of his episodes, but as it went on the insistence of Doctor Who in bringing back Daleks and Cybermen every single season wore us down. I also suffer from Season-Arc fatigue in shows that don’t need it. Doctor Who is fine just being a bunch of episodes, or like the 2005 season, individual episodes that have tiny bits of arc in each one.


I’m happy for the franchise that people are coming back to the fold because of Tennant and Tate, it will set Gatwa up for success in the long run…

…But man, you are all missing out by not giving the Capaldi Era a fair shake. Sure it has its dodgy episodes like every single season of Doctor Who since 1963, but it also has some dizzying highs and each series has a new approach to the show.

Capaldi’s performance is superb - he handles the beautiful speeches, quirky humor, subtle heartbreak and righteous anger befitting the character as well as any other actor has. The Twelfth Doctor gets a character arc too that no other incarnation can boast of - where he starts and where he ends up are poignantly far apart and it’s a joy watching him get there.

His companions are great too. I know Clara wasn’t as easy to empathize with, but the arc given to her is daring and I love how her dynamic affects the Doctor, it’s like nothing the show ever did before. Bill was an utter delight and the show would have been on better creative footing if it had kept such a well-defined character on for another year or two.

There are some great Jamie Mathieson and Peter Harness scripts in those seasons, but it’s Steven Moffat who pulls out all the stops. Listen, Last Christmas, The Witch’s Familiar, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent, Extremis, World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls are magnificent scripts that deserve every ounce of praise, with Heaven Sent quite possibly being the single best episode of the new series.

I am forever a big fan of what Moffat and Capaldi did with their time together.


Um… not me, as I’ve never stopped watching it. I’ve seen pretty much the entire run of the show that’s available via DVD, the classic era included. :woman_shrugging:

But yeah… Capaldi was great.


Whitaker’s run in the first year suffered from a crowded TARDIS crew. 3 companions never works as well as writers think it will.

Ideally it means 2 parallel stories of 2 pairs.
A story: Companion + Companion
B Story: Doctor + Companion

But usually one pair suffers from being underwritten or one Companion gets sidelined. So many fainting spells and twisted ankles. The Companion paired with the Doctor typically is superfluous.

Only a few times it worked were a few stories in Hartnell’s 2nd season (Vicki was far superior to Susan she replaced) and The Macra Terror under Troughton (one Companion was turned evil). It never worked with Davison.


What’s your feelings on animated reconstructions of lost classic episodes?

he’d better get at least one song.

he’s the one actor i don’t mind randomly breaking out singing. he seems to love it, and it shines through. even when - hmmm, especially when - he’s being villainous

Neil Patrick Harris GIF by NETFLIX


… of course that was the original premise of the show—Doctor, Susan, Barbara, and whatshisname


So many twisted ankles and fainting spells for Susan. They always had trouble finding stuff for her to do. The Doctor was always being overly protective of her.

Hey now, Ian (aka whatshisame) performed a specific function that would be useful on the show for the first 6 years. The guy who did all the physical stuff The Doctor was too old to try.

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It’s nice to see them, but some of the animation needs work.

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Oh, you mean brown-haired guy who isn’t Steve Doocy?

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