If Doctor Who was a dog


The article got the Doctor’s order wrong… war doctor comes before 9, as he was regenerated from 8.

I think these fit pretty well, though.

The Tom Baker one should be accompanied by a robotic human.


An old-school Cylon would probably be more stylistically appropriate, but I’ll accept your suggestion.

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Just checked in here to make sure someone had noted that. Am suitably satisfied. :smile:

Peter Capaldi. I fucking love it.

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More like Dogtor Who, am I right?


When you’re right, you’re right…and you…you’re always right.


Hmmm… On the Inter-Tardis, nobody knows if The Doctor is a dog. ?

The Doctor is still better as the pony Dr. Whooves.


Dogtor Who

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Agreed. There’s a surprising amount of Dr. Whooves fan material out there.

The pedantic geeks are thick on the ground here at BB… if I hadn’t done it, someone else would have. :wink:

Might I suggest…

You ain’t seen nothing yet:

If Doctor Who were a dog…

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The doctor as a cat

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Where to start if you never watched a single episode?

You would start by re-evaluating your priorities.

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Over. Just … start your life over.

Or, start with the episode “Rose” from 2005, and go forward. If you like it, tuck into past episodes, but be prepared for the shaky sets and wobbly enemies. I you can immerse yourself, watch the series that was playing in your year of birth, but from the beginning of that Doctor, not necessarily your birth year.

You’ll see.

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