Alternate Doctor Who Castings!

We’ve had some ideas for alternate Doctor Who castings. This thread is in request of @OtherMichael who is on mobile and so could not create the thread himself. For some reason I am prevented from using the “Reply as linked topic” :frowning: so I will link the original thread here.

A few we have listed so far:

  • Rosario Dawson
  • Queen Latifah
  • Idris Elba

And… GO!

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Boringly, my default suggestions for Bond and the Doctor are always the same and have been for years.

Either Rufus Sewell or Chiwetel Ejiofor.

How about Doon Mackichan? (turns out she was in an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, apparently).

As far as “Reply as linked topic” goes, I had that problem, had to pick a different category and it worked. Dunno why.

Also, I changed the title to Doctor instead of Dr. It was making me twitch.


David Yip? Spotted him in 24 recently playing President Wei. Got some decent gravitas going on these days.

Paterson Joseph still gets my vote


Given that we’ve already had Michelle Gomez as The Master, how about everyone else from Green Wing? Really, anyone from that would be fantastic. Except Sarah Alexander.

[edit: why did I think that Doon Makichan was in Green Wing? But my point still stands.]


Why an adult? Why not a 6-year old Tamil girl?

Sophie Okonedo! (Yes, I know she already played a different character on Doctor Who)

Since we are indulging in fan-twiddling of the highest (or lowest, depending on perspective) order - how about regenerating as a female and pregnant Doctor? Who then dies in childbirth after an interesting season. Leaving us with… Baby Doctor?

Is there fan fic for this yet?


Okay so for a newb to Doctor Who, where would the best place for me to start? The very beginning? I’ve only seen an episode here and there and know next to nothing about it.

Except I do know that Craig Ferguson is a huge fan which is a great sign.

The Peter Cushing movies.


These ones?

Dr. Who and the Daleks

Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

Looks like both are streaming for $3! Added to my watch list. I enjoy old sci-fi flicks in general, so I’m sold. I bet my roommate would even be down for a movie night.

The beginning of the 2005 series, i.e. the first one of the new version, is probably a good starting point if you don’t know anything at all. That assumes no prior knowledge and all the traditional elements are introduced over time. Aside from the introduction of those elements from time to time, the long term arcs are not very important in the first years. So it is not the end of the world if you don’t watch them all.

Not sure if trolling, or serious.

What about Machete order?

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Don’t take me seriously!!

Actually, I quite like them, but they aren’t canon - although I like the Terry Nation Terrance Dicks books that went with them (not sure which came first).

But if you want to get into the TV series, I’d guess start with the Christopher Eccleston series, when it was rebooted?
(I’m not a huge fan of the revival, but I like the David Tennant incarnation)

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I don’t even care if @daneel is trolling, I am totally going to watch them. They look fun.

Haha, your’e such a jerk, daneel. But I’m still going to watch them. They look campy. Are they campy? Because if so, it doesn’t matter if they are canon. If they are fun and campy, they will probably make me want to watch more Dr. Who!

Maybe I’ll just start from the very beginning. I’m doing the whole completest thing with the MCU movies & tv shows at the moment. Maybe I can attempt the same thing for Doctor Who.

If you don’t watch any other old episodes, watch the first plot line, An Unearthly Child. I would recommend watching that one first even before the newer episodes. It really is a good introduction to the character.

I feel like there is alot of skippable stuff in the older episodes, although there is also alot of fun stuff. “Best of” list might help with those. The intros of the major villains are great background. The newer ones are more worth watching straight through, although it did still loose me a little a couple of times.

I also really like Torchwood, personally.


The intros of the major villains are great background.

Villains are my jam!

I have heard many good things about Torchwood.

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I will never ever be able to think of anything else and I love it.

The diversity is one of the things I like most about Doctor Who. While all of the doctors have been white males so far, the other main characters tend to be women more often than not. They’ve been doing well at resisting a formulaic relationship of the Doctor to his fellow travellers too.

While this may be something of a spoiler, is there actually going to be another doctor? I love the show, but they’ve been building up to this being the end for quite a while. If there is one, I think making a female doctor work would be more difficult than having a non-white actor. It’s Doctor Who though, so there’s nothing really stopping them, I guess.