New Doctor reveal on Sunday


Any of my fellow nerds got any predictions… I’m guessing it’s going to be yet another white dude, but I have no clue who…


Rumour I heard is Kris Marshall, the guy who just left Death in Paradise. So, yes, another white dude.


That’s depressing. But maybe Chibnall will surprise us. We can only hope.

[ETA] Also, is it just me, or was there much less speculation on this doctor? maybe I’m just not reading the right blogs?


Maybe I’ll take a peek, see if I can renew my interest. I completely dropped out during Matt Smith and only watched a few episodes of Capaldi before losing interest again.


This seems to be a pattern with lots of fans, I’ve noticed, with the new show. I kind of wonder if people did the same thing with the original run, too? Also, these are good questions to keep in mind if I do that fandom project I’m thinking about sometime in the future.

I’ve really thought this most recent season (which I’ve only seen the first half of) has been great so far, if you haven’t seen it yet. I really like the companion Bill and am kind of bummed that she’s only around for this season. Capaldi is kind of a throwback Doctor… he kind of reminds me of the 3rd Doctor (Pertwee) a good bit.


A lot of people seem really into the idea of him regenerating as female. I … don’t really need this to happen, and if it did I hope Moffat doesn’t get anywhere NEAR it. I would like to see some other Time Lords that are women, though. Romana? Susan? The Rani?

Kris Marshall’s a ginger, isn’t he? They can’t do that, it’d ruin the joke!


Thats what appealed to me and is why I liked Eccleston so very very much. Come to think of it thats why the War Doctor episode felt good to me. I don’t want a clownish or foppish Doctor Who or one that is supposed to be an obvious Messiah substitute (always a problem with the Christmas & Easter special episodes).



It’s way past time for a new Romana. I’m sure that they can bribe Lala Ward into showing up for a regeneration sequence…


I think this, more than Smith’s clowishness, annoyed me about both Smith and Tennant. I liked both, but there was too much of that “I’m super-powerful, fear me” for my tastes. But Smith also reminded me of the second Doctor (Troughton), who I really liked.

I’ll always think that Eccelston didn’t get nearly a long enough run. He was great and his character’s development was well done.


I disliked him at first, because the first couple episodes he got were teerrrrrible. It’s not until “Dalek” that he clicked for me. Smith I couldn’t stand, but maybe partly because I thought all his storylines were terrible, especially compared to who came before him. As a big fan of the Fourth Doctor I am obviously not put off by clownishness.

Which reminds me of another reason I’d find it weird if he regenerated into a woman; it’s well-established that The Doctor is actually really bad at regenerating. Romana was able to choose her appearance. The Doctor just kind of bumbles into some shape that he finds familiar. He’d have great difficulty choosing to be female. Something would have to happen that knocked his ordinary, comfortable regeneration sequence awry.


Agreed. When the sonic screwdriver becomes a magic wand, I get bored. OTOH some of that “fear me” works well in limited doses. The Doctor is in fact in possession of literally in-human power and knowledge after all.

Its hard for me to decide which is more important to me: if it was just his portrayal of the character or the fact that he was the rebirth of the character after so long. Either way though, for me he’s the one to beat.

Sometimes I wonder if this is the fault of Steven Moffat (may his name be a curse unto the generations) or of Smith.


Yeah, it’s a tool, right? Part of the appeal is the science fiction aspect and running away with the more “magical” aspects doesn’t fit with the show’s premise.

Right! He’s alien, but he’s not a magical being.

Eccelston is a great actor, honestly. But it was so great for the show to come back on the air.

He was not my favorite show runner. Russell T. Davies was great, and Moffat wrote some good stories, but I wasn’t as keen on his arcs as Davies.

Chibnall is the new show runner and I really liked his show Broadchurch, so we’ll see what he can do with Doctor Who.

All the more reason for him to gender swap? :wink:

What about going well past his supposed “allotted” regenerations. The Master did that way on back during the 4th doctor’s run (by switching bodies?), so it’s canon that Time Lords can go past the 12 mark, but it’s not common. And now that the Time Lords are sort of back and hopefully will play a bigger role in future stories, we’ll see what that means for regenerations for both the Doctor and the Master.


They’re Time Lord Council-approved regenerations, though. The Master was getting his through less-legitimate means. Not that it would make a difference if the show decided it doesn’t make a difference :laughing:.

You know, if they want to make him a ginger, it should totally be Catherine Tate. He’d be all “I’m finally a ginger! And … a woman? And … DONNA?!?!”


Well, she’s not ginger!


As long as Moffat doesn’t get to touch it. He can’t write women for shit.


Good news is that Moffat is on the way out. Bad news is that we’re getting the guy who wrote “Cyberwoman” for Torchwood.


Agreed. I suppose I’m too surprised that Chibnall went with someone he’s worked with before (she was in Broadchurch as well as Black Mirror).

He did. Not a great episode. He did co-write Broadchurch, FWIW.

[ETA] And he did The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, the Power of 3, and the Pond life shorts.


I can’t comment on that; I honestly couldn’t even make it through the first season of Torchwood. I liked Jack, but everyone else on that show was the most complete idiot. “oh I’m in a top secret agency in charge of super top secret alien tech I think I’ll take it home and play with it!”


Just go straight to Children of Earth.