The first woman Doctor Who to be commemorated with a limited-edition Barbie


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I dunno, this might be the perfect gift for that niece who has far too many toys that reinforce a passive social role.


Her Attack the Block persona might do more to empower little girls:


Neat, but I’d rather have the Funko Pop 13th Doctor…

Or this one…


Hey, what did you expect? Sideshow/Hot Toys quality?

Now - anyone know if there is a free streaming of Doctor Who? My… more… underground means is on my PC which is currently not working.


It’s hard for me to get enthusiastic about anything Barbi.


My wife and I decide that my young daughter wouldn’t have a barbie, for all the obvious reasons. A couple of years later, we discovered a hidden stash of eight barbies under her bed. Her nanny had given her one out of pity. One of the nuns who lived in the house over our back fence had given her one. Presumably out of pity. Her friend had given her one. No idea where the rest came from. She’s 24 now. And fortunately seems to have turned out alright anyway. Children are remarkably resilient.

If only we’d had a prophylactic Dr. Who Barbie back in the day, none of this would ever have happened!



On FB there was some trollbait sponsored post that was asking “are there any reasons why you won’t be watching the new Doctor Who?” and I went in ready to dunk on dudes upset about EW GIRLS, but a surprising amount of the comments were normal people saying things like “the show is on too late so I’m catching it on netflix”, “I never got into it / dropped off after [event] and I don’t know if I can pick it up again”; but the one that surprised me and still resonates is “she looks way too much like my mother and I can’t handle it”.

I’ve been thinking hard about that, and I’ve realized that I also could not handle watching a doppelganger of my mother, no matter what the show is.


Funny, never stopped me watching Absolutely Fabulous.


Can you not access iPlayer and lie about having a TV Licence?


I dunno, “Sarah Jane Adventures” seemed to do quite well on CBBC.

@edrowland, When my sister got her two lads she was adamant that they would have no chocolate and no war toys. After a few years she was giving them sweets to buy some moments of silence. Then she found at anything can be a gun in the hands of a small boy, so the second stricture went by the board too.


Best laid plans of mice and men?


Are we sure this isn’t an Auton conspiracy?


I think it’s great! And I think Barbie doesn’t quite deserve so much bad rap. Yeah, very skinny and all so body image stuff is problematic, but over the years she has had a lot of careers (Astronaut Barbie, even), which is a good message.

But despite all that, do people not realize all the subversive ways kids have played with their Barbies? I’ve heard some stories, lemme tell ya.


Does it come equipped with her own Malibu TARDIS?


I had a roommate who is (a) a massive Doctor Who fan, (b) collected high-end Barbies, like the Bob Mackie ones. I can just imagine her reaction to this!

(Her reaction to a female Doctor would have been “Finally! Took them long enough!”)


So, the Doctor’s name is… Barbie?


“Quantum math is hard! Let’s go shopping!”


At least none of the companions are named Ken.