The Doctor's New Companion


So far, so good!

Have you seen THIS?

Is this Doctor any good? I gave up after the War Doctor, as I felt the last 2 Doctors were eh.


Pertwee is my Doctor (even though I grew up on Tom Baker), and this recent one is maybe the best episode of the show I have ever seen. And you’d need to watch the whole season to make it worthwhile.

New guy starts slow, but he is nailing it.


He reminds me more of some classic era Doctors… he has some of the flair of Pertwee, but he also channels Hartnel a bit. I like him but I liked the last 2 Doctors, too.

I’d suggest maybe watching an episode and deciding for yourself. I really loved the “Into the Dalek” (in part because Ben Wheatley directed):

And I agree with @AcerPlatanoides about Heaven Sent, another very good episode.


I like how Capaldi, from time to time, incorporates a frilly shirt, or hartnell’s black neckwear. He even had some jellybabies at one point in the process. I was waiting for the celery or awful hat. I think that episode was him arriving in his final form though. And I dig it.


Capaldi was a huge fan of the show growing up. And I agree that he is much more of a classic Doctor than the last few.


Which Doctor Who is the right one to recommend to someone old enough to have watched the original Star Trek in the U.S. in syndication but who hasn’t yet watched one full Dr. Who episode?


The Tom Baker years are probably the best introduction. If it isn’t important to you that you start at the beginning of his run, City of Death (from Season 17 of the show) might be most accessible to a new viewer.


I know what you mean. There’s a 4th Sharknado film coming, and having not seen the previous ones I’m worried that I might not understand or appreciate it.


Dude, you’re going to be completely lost. Sharknado. What is it? Don’t neglect the fundamentals.


Thank you! Tom Baker it is. And here are manual likes since I’m out.

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Blink is the one that is usually suggested.

edited to add: I was answering from the new version of the show, not including the old ones.


Is Blink an episode,? Please tell me more. I can’t have played D&D, loved Star Trek, collected comics and stay in darkness about Dr. Who. :crying_cat_face:


Blink is kind of a strange introduction; the Doctor hardly puts in an appearance. It is also new series, which (until Capaldi) has been very different from the old. However, it stars Carey Mulligan, one of the my very favorite actresses, so worth watching for that reason.


It’s a fair question, unless you actually though The Happiness Patrol was a good story. I was 9 when I saw it and even then I knew it was crap.

With enemies like the Kandy Man it was not surprising that Doctor Who disappeared from television for 15 years.


Even basic research on sharks is confusing. There were 125 shark attacks last year and 72 were categorized as “unprovoked.” What the hell are the others saying to sharks to provoke them?

I can only guess where the Sharknado concept originated:

“It’ll bring about terrorist bombs; it’ll bring earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor.”

  • Pat Robertson, on “gay days” at Disneyworld.


Whoa. Where’s they get the budget for THAT?



The BBC leadership hated Doctor Who, and was doing everything it its power to destroy the show by cutting its budget down to nearly zero. The episode itself was meant to be a dig at Margaret Thatcher, and isn’t bad if you can ignore the production values.

The character makes more sense if you remember Bassett’s Candy before they were bought by Cadbury:

I think McCoy was underrated as a Doctor. He managed to compensate for mediocre budget and plot lines with sharp delivery of snappy dialogue.


I liked McCoy. It was Baker © I couldn’t stand. And that was probably unfair anyway, because most of my objection was that he wasn’t Peter Davison.