Watch Doctor Who’s Doctor face his end over and over again


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Doctor Whouroboros - what you get when doctor who faces his end.


Doctor, heal thyself.




Shut up, I’m not crying…you’re the one that’s crying.


I honestly think this short is better than the anniversary special it led into. But I like Paul McGann a lot more than I like Matt Smith, and also “Brain of Morbius” was my favorite episode ever.





McGann is one of my favorites. He truly loved the role, enjoys doing the audiobooks and even had his son participate in one.

He is the longest running doctor in terms of years (1996 to 2017). We need more of him in the show.


I’m saddened the BBC has not seen his popularity and given him a couple of one-off movies to fill in some gaps.


Whose doctor? Doctor Who’s Doctor? Who’s Doctor Who’s Doctor?


There is always, as @greg_codori mentioned, those audiobooks… I think the inclusion of McGann in the 50th anniversay stuff basically made them canon.


Or for sure, been a big fan of those already. I just want more McGann on screen. I believe Moffat has proclaimed that even the US Who where McGann started is officially canon.



Yeah, the US movie wasn’t great… he was great in it though and any problems weren’t down to his acting. He’s an excellent doctor, for sure! It would be nice to get him on screen some more.

[ETA] Now I’m wondering if they could do a spin off Doctor Who, which has stories from former Doctors (like one-offs) that happened off-screen during their time as Doctor. Wouldn’t that be interesting!?


and was one of the best moments of doctor who, ever. Tidily sewing up a continuity gap AND a credibility gap at once. I rather hope McGann plays off Capaldi and whomever in a 3 Doctors episode soon.


Very well done if all the focus is on nu-who unfortunately. Couldn’t even sneak in a bit of the old stuff?

Maybe even something from the recent docu-drama…