Jedis, stand aside. The Whovians are the new kid on the block

Ahhhh … just watched the 50th anniversary Doctor Who show.


I’d say Steven Moffat needs to get working on the movies. They’d have so much more soul and authenticity than whatever JJ Abrams can salvage from the groaning wreckage of A New Hope. They’d be outside the Hollywood system, quirky and lovely.

I predict that the wonderful Doctor Who, 50 years after the first screening, is going to be the biggest popular sci fi thing of the next … long period of time.

From the beeb - ‘Doctor Who fans have praised the show’s 50th anniversary episode as “epic” and “phenomenal”’



True, just trying to get the point across to everyone simultaneously. In a timely fashion, if you will.

I watched it yesterday, first one I’ve watched since the Kylie Minogue one. I guess I should make more of an effort. Capaldi intrigues me so I may watch the next series. I liked the guest appearance by his eyebrows.

Grew up watching Davison, Baker C and McCoy, never really got into the reboot.

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The reboot is what got my kids hooked, so it’s a family affair now.

My Halloween costume is Tom Baker’s Doctor (the 4th…no question on the numbering there). You should have heard us screaming our lungs out during the last few minutes of the episode yesterday.


I was waiting for him to offer a jelly baby.


His eyes do something very unique in the televisual world.

What do you mean?

As I was watching yesterday, when he widens his eyes it took me straight back to my childhood - it was a very familiar expression! No-one else widening their eyes has quite that transformative effect on the face; it really, really works for him as an actor, and amazing that it still does!

Wibbly-wobbly-explainy-wimey, if I may say so.

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Ah, yes, now I know what you mean! Just the right blend of curiosity, affection, and of course impishness.

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