NY politics: "progressive" Kathy Hochul loses debate to herself



I wanted to chime in for a second. Her former congressional district (where I am from too) has been pretty conservative and the fact the she won a term here is nothing sort of a miracle. Pretty much her platform during her run is letting the heavily older demographic here keep their medicare which won over many of the voters that kept the district red for quite a long time.

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I endorse the Teachout/Wu ticket

I don’t, not since I heard her mealy-mouthed refusals to condemn Israel’s abuse of Palestinians, and instead blathering the usual palaver about how both sides need to practice restraint (as if Israel’s theft of another 1000 acres for yet more settlements represents “restraint”), how the deaths on both sides are certainly horrible (as if those on one side don’t vastly outweigh those on the other), and blah blah blah.


If someone were to assemble a Teachout edition of this type of video, would you post it?

It’s not analogous. Hochul isn’t running against Teachout; she’s running against Wu.

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So… explain to me how the situation in Isreal and Palestine is an issue in the governance of New York State? Teachout is not running for any position that is involved in foreign policy.


I’m of the young-ish persuasion (though that is inevitably changing, alas) so I ask this in seriousness; but have ‘debates’ ever actually been about candidates’ positions, rather than being a good place to look for gaffes, and an opportunity for the Overton Window of who counts as a ‘serious candidate’ to be displayed by letting the ones who aren’t get frozen out?

Within my memory-span they mostly seem to be about pre-show jockeying over who actually gets to appear, followed by a very minimal level of surprise as the contenders stick doggedly to message…

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Alright, Wu then.

Ooo ooo! hand up I know! Call on me! It’s because New York City is home to more Israelis than Israel.

Anyhow, if her stance is the “usual palaver” that shouldn’t disqualify her, since it is, by definition, usual. Now, if she came out swinging for one team or the other, that would almost certainly disqualify her. Trick question.

Also, where the heck is the “Rent is Too Damn High” guy when you need him? Let’s see Cuomo ignore him!


You say “lose”, I say “win”.

She did beat herself into a pulp.

New York City is home to more Israelis than Israel.

Freudian slip? I think you meant to write there are more Jewish people in New York City than in Israel. There are maybe tens of thousands of Israeli Americans in New York City. But if I’m correct about your mistake, you’re still wrong about quantities; there are over six million Jewish people in Israel and maybe two million in the New York City area (which I think includes more than just the five boroughs).

I agree with @blaisepascal that the subject is not germane to a Governor’s race but recognize that the Jewish demographic group is important in New York (not just New York City) politics and most in that group care deeply about Israel.

I suspect comedic hyperbole. Some of us still have a sense of humor about the senseless tragedy.


Actually no, it’s a thing I heard many years ago and I obviously mangled it. Thanks for the fix. And no, this is not what a Freudian slip is.

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Stop debating yourself!


It would be awesome if this was the “usual” response to “What are your thoughts on Israel-Palestine?”

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