NYC airport workers walk off job, protesting lack of protection from Ebola risks


I hope they get collective bargaining & all but bandwagoning the flava-of-the-week fear-monger topic is likely not helping when the press just doing their jobs have to put all hands on deck to avoid just outright saying these good people are not at risk of contracting Ebola.

At least, no more or less risk than my cat, or me.

It’s not the only thing to be concerned about when cleaning up bodily fluids. But I guess other pathogens would not get them any ink.

So its still the media’s fault.

It seems that there is an inexplicable line of thought both in the US, Spain and affected African countries that cleaning industry workers have a natural immunity to all contagious diseases and so they don’t need any kind of protection or special gear…

…that or savage capitalism.

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I think you’re wrong there. The risk to these people is small, but non-zero. It would be interesting to see what their rates of flu infection are like, compared to the general population of cats.

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My cat thinks it is human to such extent she is certain to fool even the pathogens.

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