NYC to put a floating pool in the East River

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As if there aren’t enough things floating in the East River.

I really hope the filter fiber it is made from keeps out not only debris and microbes but the much smaller molecules of the many chemicals you don’t want to be swimming in.

Generally if you want to keep those out, you don’t have water “flowing through” a barrier. I can imagine what will happen the first time a boat pukes out an oil slick near this thing.


You know, I know things are better than like in the 60s before the EPA when shit used to catch on fire and stuff… but, uh, I dunno if I trust a pool filled with river water no matter how well it is filtered.

Good point. Does activated charcoal filter stuff like that out?


Some, but not all. End of the day it’s still not going to be chlorinated, conditioned, filtered water like a swimming pool. Some of which are pretty filthy, but at least an attempt was made.
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Isn’t every pool filled with river water that’s been through some kind of filtration process, though?


Not from where I am from, for the most part. But yes, fair point for many places.

But I guess I trust the centralized water treatment plants over a floating pool by some cutting edge tech firm promising, “Bro, bro, just trust me. We’ll filter out the dysentery and sulfuric acid. I promise, bro.”

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I think almost all the water on the planet was river water at some point. It’s just a question of how recently.


Early childhood memory here of observing a human turd on the bottom of the shallow end of McCarren Pool in Brooklyn… then never wanting to return. With over 2000 bathers, something nasty is bound to enter that advertised as pristine water, be seen, then get splashed across the front page of the NY Post. “Where’s the Filter to Keep Out NYers!” :wink:

That, and whatever fish did in the water.


It was all pretty much dinosaur pee at one point.


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Nah, that’s WD-40.

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