Guy builds 320,000 gallon pool in his backyard


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What ever happened to above ground pools anyway?


Puts my dads tiny gold fish pond to shame…


That’s not a pool, it’s a man-made pond. A pool has filtration and chlorine sterilization, and this has neither. Enjoy your botulism, pond dwellers!


14 feet in the deep end.


As someone who has swam in lakes and ponds, it isn’t that bad. As long as you don’t have say cows pooping in it.


But the video spent at least half a minute talking about his method of chlorine sterilization and algicides. Were you listening?


Granted the cost of your average in-ground swimming pool costs about 20k, this seems like a heckuva deal.


Well, yes he is putting some chlorine in the pond, but no he is not using anywhere near enough to sterilize the water. He’s just using a little to help beat back the algae a bit.


Looks delish


He’s got a pump and aeration system in place as well. I wouldn’t be too concerned.


A pump, but no filter. That’s like stirring your toilet water instead of flushing it.


I think it’s fine, but I’m put off by the white liner all around the top. It’s too bad they couldn’t come up with some way to make it less obvious.



I feel you, man. Some people just wanna stifle the dream.

I wonder what the difference is between the weeds growing at the bottom of his pond in Alberta, and the plants people use in natural swimming ponds in Europe? Maybe there might have been a solution there.


Well I have about a… 20-30 gallon pool in my backyard. Every time it rains.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that is not inch thick plastic. I’m guessing the reporter thought 30 mil (30 thousandths of an inch) was 30 millimeters.


Stupid metric system.


Have a hug, seems like you need it today.


Looking at all the exposed plastic leaves me wondering not only about UV stability over time, but about the safety concerns involving plastic slope sides and water. It looks like a giant cluster of slip & fall issues, never mind being damn near difficult to get out of.

Now, I didn’t watch the video (I hate online videos on principle, as a paleolithic luddite I maintain that the internet is for text and pictures and the TV set is for moving pictures… now get off my monochrome lawn dammit!), so it might have dealt with these issues. But I’ll never know, and I can live with that.