"Satisfying" videos of disgusting pools being thoroughly cleaned

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Where do all that hydrochloric acid goes?
It seems it flows happily to the surrounding vegetation…


Wait, he seemed to have skipped over his sponsor callouts, his back-story about why he does pool work, his second sponsor callout, link to his patreon page, and a like-n-subscribe callout, all of which would normally take up 70% of the runtime. Am I sure I even watched a YouTube video?

Deduct points for vertical camera.

8/10, would watch again.


Nothing like a good shock and floc followed by hoovering al-Gee


I gotta admit my heart kind of broke for the animals that had been living in the first pool. At that point, give it up - you own a wetlands now. OK not really, but I do shudder to think how many eggs and tadpoles died in that clean-out.


Re: Shock and Floc



I was wondering about the pool at about 8:00. It seemed to having living sea vegetation. Like someone had been to the beach before getting into the pool and had a seaweed pod stuck to their foot. Kind of remarkable how life, uh… finds a way.


Normally, it gets diluted a lot or neutralized with an appropriate alkaline, and obstinately drained into a sewer.

It is. I had a party about three-four years ago, and someone tracked black algae into my pool. I ended up having to have the pool drained and a chlorine-wash to finally be rid of it. That was also the tipping point in which I was like “screw it, I’m gonna pay a service to deal with this”, which turned out to be one of the few good decisions I’ve made with this house…

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All of this is because it’s a compilation of Tik-tok videos.

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