NYC will cease retaining data that Trump could use for mass deportations

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It is good to see some fight back.


You thought the right was mad about Clinton’s emails? Wait til Breitbart gets on this!



“States rights!”, or some other incoherent right wing trope that makes no damn sense when viewed as part of their whole approach.

anti women’s choice c.f. support for the death penalty
safe spaces are stupid c.f. the theatre should be a safe space
2nd amendment c.f. choices have consequences
sovereignty of parliament! (we hate Europe!) c.f. sovereignty of parliament? (we didn’t mean you’d get to chose!) [this one from the UK, but it’s the same brand of incoherency]
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Yet another photo of my beloved office finds its way to BB. How is this even happening?


Blame Wikileaks?


I do blame Wikileaks, and for other things too.


Computers can be so unreliable at times (especially if running Windows). It’s possible data could get lost or corrupted and no one will know how.

I think this is how we can blunt Drumpf and his dipshit cronies. They get rid of the ACA so progressive states put together state run health care plans that cover everyone in the state or they put in environmental laws that are stronger than the repealed federal laws or they put in taxes on the upper income “people” and give tax breaks to the middle class. Now if the Rethuglicans start screaming “You can’t do that! That’s wrong!”, you can remind them that one of the things they were always going on about was how the states could to things better than the feds and that is what you are showing.


Yeah, I agree with that, and it reminds me of the ‘sovereignty of parliament’ argument made around Brexit, to wit:
“We need to get out of the EU, because some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels are making laws that affect me! We need to make the UK parliament sovereign in the UK! Also, $350M for the DHS!”
“Ok, we’ll have a referendum to see what people think.”
“Ok, now we know what people think, let’s let the sovereign parliament decide.”
“What!? No!”

(replace EU with Federal Govt, and UK with States. Interestingly, the left-right roles are reversed.)


It would show that the right wing policies don’t work in the real world (like Kansas and Louisiana haven’t shown that already) and that progressive policies, while not perfect, have a better chance of helping everyone.

removed a word that wasn’t needed.


Nicole Malliotakis and Ron Castorina

Followed by a recall suit for these two dipshits?

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*cough2000 electioncough*

Okay, I’m European and this confuses me to no end, so I’m going to ask people here to explain it to me. So both the GOP and the Dems are for legal immigration, i.e. you fill out a semi-infinity of forms and you may or may not get the permission to stay. However, the Dems are for… and this is where my understanding breaks down. They are for… illegal immigration? I mean, that can’t be their final position: are they for, what, open borders? For me just landing on JFK International one day, and nipping off to find an apartment in Queens and starting to live there without asking anyone?

If they think, as it is clear(?) they do, that everyone gets to live in the 'States, why didn’t they change the law to make the difference between illegal and legal immigrants moot? Why didn’t Obama simply close down the ICE? If Trump can conceivably cause door-to-door deportation squads, doesn’t it follow that Obama could have cause no deportation whatsoever to take place while he was president? Ordered the borders to be unguarded?

I generally follow American politics but I’ve never been able to unpick the positions of either side on this. Well except the Libertarians and anarchists and such who proudly declare themselves to be for open borders.


There’s a big empty space between “round 'em all up and ship 'em all back, no nuance, no protection for kids and families, no acknowledgement of the economic and political factors bringing people here, along with a reliance on overly punitive treatment and demonization of undocumented workers and refugees” on the one hand and “dissolve the borders!!!” on the other.


When the Patriot Act granted the FBI the power to seize library records some libraries simply started deleting information. I wish it weren’t necessary on a larger scale but it’s good to see how easy resistance can sometimes be.


as we’re already talking about libraries - the Internet Archive plans to establish a mirror in Canada as they don’t have much trust in the upcoming US government. brave new world.


Geez, this is just another locality bending over backwards to help Chump’s businesses, this time via his employees. I’m assuming he has hundreds or more employees in NYC. Maybe some of them take advantage of this IDNYC program.


[quote=“cameronh1403, post:9, topic:90838”]I think this is how we can blunt Drumpf and his dipshit cronies.

Won’t work.

The US right’s affection for “state’s rights” has been blatantly hypocritical since the days of the Fugitive Slave Act.


NYC has dealt with The Donald for decades, and have no illusions about him reforming. Good move on their part.