Oakland teachers' union declares total victory after seven-day strike

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This is better than what UTLA achieved, but I remain amazed at both UTLA and the Oakland union calling “the school board promises to introduce a resolution that may not pass the school board in which the board says charter schools are a bad thing but recognizes state law requires them” some kind of meaningful victory.


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The note I just got from my son’s teacher did not seem quite as optimistic about OEA ratification as this article implies. Teachers vote on Sunday at noon. Here’s hoping everyone gets to go back to school next week!


how does removing ONE student from a classroom constitute “Reduction in Class Size”? No really, if there are 30 students, and now there are 29, how is that difference truly meaningful? I thought they were going for hiring 2x teachers, so the class size would be 15. THAT would be meaningful.

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Yes. Early reports may have been painting a rosier picture than the Reality. the nurses are certainly not happy about their needs getting left off the table. As are some teachers. Unfortunately, even in a good fight, Hoomans figure out a way to keep factionalizing.

I’m pro-teacher and pro-union, but “we want to double the current number of teachers (and classrooms) while also getting significant raises for everyone within the next year” would have been a non-starter.

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