Obama sends plan to close Guantanamo Bay to Congress

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It’d be nice to think it’d work this time, as opposed to the formal closures he ordered in 2009 and 2011 and his pleas to Congress in 2012, 2013, and 2015 to act on closing Guantanamo Bay. But sadly, too many in Congress want to use it as a political pawn, it seems.


It took me a couple of attempts to parse the headline right: Obama’s closing Congress out of Guantanamo? So there’s no oversight at all, even paper committees that rubber-stamp everything the military wants to do?

But no, he’s sending the plan (which is to close Guantanamo) to Congress. To Congress, he is sending the plan to close Guantanamo. Planning to close Guantanamo, he is sending that plan to Congress.

I need a cup of tea.


I think the headline is missing “again” at the end. Also a deep sigh and eye roll.


Isn’t there a whole naval base beyond just the prison bit? Are we talking about closing down everything? Returning the land to Cuba?


It’s not likely to pass, but it would be interesting to move one detainee to the basement of every elected official who opposes closing the prison, along with a fair share of waterboards and drills and the like. It’s not fair having hundreds of miles of open ocean sanitize your evil. They should be made to do it themselves.

@stephen_schenck, no I think just the prison. Er… “facility.”


Just another dog and pony show. Moving the detainees to another prison does not fix the problem. We aren’t upset at the location but rather the detention of people not accused of a crime or given a day in court which is in violation of our laws and our national conscience.


You’ve discovered a new application for emoticons - headlines!

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Are those children/minors kept there already released? Probably no longer a problem though - after 10+ years they’re adults now …

I think its just the prison.

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And what about the similar bullshit going on in New York run by the FBI(?) or that ridiculous crap the cops have going in Chicago?

I used to think Jello Biafra was a little paranoid. Bleed For Me is a true story.

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I’m not quite this paranoid yet, but Government Flu did come to mind when I was reading about Flint…

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This would probably raise separation-of-powers issues; but I suspect that John Yoo would be willing to write a ‘legal’-looking memo asserting the President’s Unitary Commander-in-Chief powers to just keep sending members of congress to gitmo until congress agrees to close the place.

Not a strategy I would endorse; but it has a certain ‘what’s good for the goose…’ value.


Hey, we haven’t needed to resort to neutron bombs to get rid of filthy poor people yet!


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